Reality imploding
Falling towards an end
Light has slowed and broken down
Void is all that’s left
Happiness seems strangely dressed
His healing robes beyond all grasp

The Left Hand Of The Righteous

Banished unto the undefined space
Penitent thief, impenitent thief
Buried beneath a flood of wine and blood
Infinite grace, endless death
Strayed from the path of the Sephirot
Peeling away, descend into shell, dried to a husk
Mirror reflects unrecognizable face
Distorted light, piercing the darkness, nothing revealed
What is found can fall astray
What is built can be destroyed
The low and the innocent die by the sword
Wisdom of kings, judgement of fools
Bound to serve two undignified masters
Ignorant god, omniscient man
None more wise
You nor I
Culling the cubes from a festering wound
Wisdom is all, knowledge is naught, truth is reviled
Built of the stars forever beyond
Deny thy life, deny thy grave, deny thy cause
What is seen can be concealed
What is scrawled can be erased
None more wise
You nor I
Today you’ll be with me in paradise
Today you’ll see glory and genocide
Shadow of doubt
Burden of proof
Question of pain
Logic denied
None more wise
You nor I

Object UB313

Prove to me a word
Explanations deafening
I fail to comprehend
Chaos undefined
Your mystery impossible
Yet something lingers on
Painting our faces a cursed shade of grey
Plastic lives becoming plastic deaths
100 years are wasted by the shore
Charon’s obol weighs heavy on our tongues
Speak ye of time / Relative
Speak ye of light / Distortion
Speak ye in fact / Uncertain
Speak ye in prose / Divergent
Speak to me a word
Beyond the gilded page
And I’ll believe it all
Gnosis supersedes
Your mystery irrelevant
Yet something lingers on
Speak ye of law / Punishment
Speak ye of pain / Ignorance
Speak ye in truth / Deception
Speak ye in tongues / Confusion
Condescend to me
You arrogant master
Chaos spews from a million mouths
Babel crashes down
Come descend to me
You oblivious bastard
Whispered love through invisible teeth
Bible crashes down
Installed under incorruptible crowns
Blood stained martyrs devolve to worthless white
Clawing upwards with our doom upon our backs
Eris rises and plummets to the earth
Droning on
I grow tired of this argument
I’ve been waiting
For truth that’s immutable
False resolve
I got ahead of myself
I was seeing things
That made me think this could be real

Upon The Face Of The Waters

A dark globe perverts the outmost wastes
A gloom profound beckons to the deep
We shrink back and cower in fear
Murmur unheeded curses towards the skies
We crawl away from our first scattering
While the stars collapse and the planets fall like judgements
What revealed all? This ocean beyond light?
Who knows this secret? This creator of worlds?
Perhaps He knows; perhaps He knows not
Uncreated, this spark from the Earth
A dark globe distorts the inmost depths
Strangling back the will to destroy the gods
We make of ourselves a sacrifice
Kneeling, smash our skulls upon the stones
We claim dominion over infinitesimal
While the cosmos waits, infinite and indifferent
What concealed all? This pinhole burned sky?
Who knows this secret? This devourer of worlds?
Perhaps He knows; perhaps He knows not
Uncreated, this spark from the Earth

The Denialist

Stepped into the void left the ship behind
Imperfect mimic of unborn men
Reason commands to join you on the surface
Sometimes I think I’d rather drown
You walk amongst the waves
A specter beyond reproach
Oh ye of little fact
Abandon years of research
Dragged into the deep by the undertow
Foundering in a nameless fear
Dark saltwater fills my lungs
Transubstantiates into the blood
In primordial depths
Faint memory amniotic
Filters through the womb
Corroded christ arms outstretched
God inside
Thrice denied
Made to stand trial circle of dust and hate
Fatal meeting of rock and bone
You feign not to show more than passing interest
Draw equations into the dirt
Make your absurd glyphs
Your letters of obscure men
Confusing admonition
Go now and learn no more
Empty space remains upon the right hand
You come not to bring peace but a pen
Message in the sand undeciphered still
I’ve been waiting since 1543
Is the accuser
A pharisee to crush my skull
I cast the first stone
Victim of my own disgrace
God inside
Thrice denied

Edward Mordake

The hand of fate is a phantom limb
That wields a will of obsidian
Crack the ribs remove the shard
Isaac bound to vivisect
Hands o’er hearts fealty sworn
A vein attempt to mask the wound
Scar reminds identity
Spilled on an altar of sand
Organs sealed in canopic jars
Thou livest on the bread of Ra
Remove the self and take thy place
Ascend to join the nameless ones
Stare into the savior’s face
Suffer ye the same fate
Stare into the traitor’s face
Suffer ye the same fate
Plastic smiles locked in opposition
Kicking hooves and rending tusks
United only in their lust
Trample all beneath blackened feet
Drunken orgies held in secret rooms
Disgusting writhing of ashen skin
Jesus swills the blood of swine
Vomits yet another platitude
Plans devised to procreate
To raze a child in Babylon
A bastard son that none will claim
Judas bred to crucify
Stare into the savior’s face
Suffer ye the same fate
Stare into the traitor’s face
Suffer ye the same fate
We’ve been so wrong
For so long
We cannot fall
Nor carry on
As a dream – as a devil
This face of love is merely a mask
It never sleeps – it speaks forever
The sins of the past are unforgiven
Shape me
Smudge me
Dream me
Erase me
Heal me
Scar me
Praise me
Delete me
Touch me
Doubt me
Face me
Deny me
Cleanse me
Stain me
Hold me
Undo me
I’m ancient
I’m fading
I’m wisdom
I’m decay
I’m boundless
I’m finite
I’m legion
I’m no name
I tried
I lied
I tried
I lied