• Post published:11.07.2020

On Darkest Wings, © 2020

Dance music for the apocalypse.

A series of five xenharmonic instrumental compositions, utilizing distorted drum loops, electronic textures, and mangled guitars in 15-TET, fretless, and xenharmonic configurations. The sound of hope abandoned.

  • Post published:04.04.2019

Erased, © 2014

Experimental, progressive metal inspired by my best friend Danny – a musical genius, stolen from this world far too soon.

Essentially two bands playing different songs at the same time, playing interlocking parts. Extremely dense and absurdly difficult, Erased took three years to complete. This is the record Danny would have wanted to make.

  • Post published:11.01.2019

X, © 2011

Ambient sounds of destruction and loss, based on actual events. Xenharmonic and microtonal compositions – no MIDI nor synths were used.